Junior athletes are fit thanks to the kybun mat

The kybun mat is used for running, jumping and strength training. The soft, springy mat improves both intermuscular and intramuscular coordination. Exercising on the kybun mat is far more intense due to the rebound effect and this increases the effect of the training. Injured players can use the kybun mat to stabilise core muscles and speed up the recovery process. The young athletes are big fans of the new training method because exercising on the soft surface is comfortable and fun.

The national training centre in Tenero has integrated the kybun mat into its training programme for junior athletes.

Conditioning coach Marko Rapp regularly uses the kybun mat in training sessions in order to improve jumping power, balance and coordination. “Simultaneously combining power with stability makes the kybun mat unique. This intensifies muscle vibrations,” says Rapp, explaining the special effects of the kybun mat.