Ice hockey – The fastest moving team sport in the world

The difference between victory and defeat
Matches are often won by the team that has been able to recover the most. HC Davos ice hockey team is the best proof of this. After a five-year dry spell, the local heroes were able to bring home the Spengler Cup in 2011.

Arno Del Curto is impressed
“There has been a definite improvement in performance since we incorporated the kyBounder into our training programme. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The kyBounder is the perfect complement to our training programme,” says a happy Arno Del Curto.

What does conditioning coach Pierre Gutknecht think?
HCD conditioning coach Pierre Gutknecht sees the kyBounder as the perfect accessory for proprioceptive training. “We really value the kyBounder. We even use it with our junior teams because it’s such a valuable supplement to other training methods. One of the advantages of the kyBounder is that it strengthens the small muscle groups.”

kybun makes you a winner

An increasing number of ice hockey clubs and athletes are discovering the benefits of kybun’s philosophy for sports.

Sports clubs: HC Davos, Davos, HC Lugano, EV Zug, Switzerland
Coaches: Arno Del Curto (head coach of HC Davos)

Ice hockey is a great sport to watch and play. It is known for its high speed, cleverly planned plays, precise passes, hard shots and of course, who can forget that the use of physical strength is allowed and encouraged in the struggle for the puck.

The right training pays off
HCD ice hockey team train and recover on kyBounder mats every day. This allows the players to work on their coordination and deep inner muscles and improve their fitness in the process. Using the kyBounder also makes it possible to reduce the recovery time after tough matches. Arno Del Curto has been successfully coaching the team since 1996 and is impressed with the effects of the training mats.

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