The positive effect of soft, springy materials

After many years of research, Karl Müller discovered that polyurethane (PU) closely approximates the properties of clay soil found in nature. The PU mix used in kybun MechanoTherapy has three important advantages over conventional PVC: It is extremely soft even when you press into it deeply, it is highly capable of springing back to its original shape and it causes very little fatigue.

You can stand on the soft, springy multi-component PU for hours without getting tired. The material’s instability trains entire muscle chains and improves their coordination. The intramuscular coordination system tenses and relaxes the muscles in turn, which has the effect of relieving tension. The soft, springy material means that you automatically revert back to a gait pattern that primarily relies on the feet.

Dynamically standing and walking on the soft, springy material: – Releases tension
– Strengthens foot muscles
– Keeps joints in constant motion without straining them
– Stretches contracted muscles
– Balances out relieving postures
– Straightens the posture

kybun MechanoTherapy brings natural terrain into everyday life
kybun MechanoTherapy utilises the positive properties of this soft, springy material to help the human body. The surfaces we stand and walk on in our daily lives are flat and hard. This makes it necessary to have footwear that simulates the feeling of walking on natural terrain. The experience of walk on this soft, springy material is made possible by kyBoot air-cushion soles.

By standing on the soft, springy kyBounder mat, you can strengthen your foot muscles during your everyday life. This will allow you to revert back to a gait pattern that primarily relies on your feet and that holistically improves your health.

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