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Many workers suffer from health problems such as aching feet, tension and back pain.

This is mainly caused by long working hours with long periods of standing, heavy lifting and putting strain on one side of the body. The revolutionary kybun movement concept is a simple way to improve workplace ergonomics. Exercising while standing upright on the soft, springy surface is the healthy alternative to hard floors or sitting passively. The soft, springy structure forces the muscles in the feet and legs to constantly remain in motion in order to maintain balance and posture.

Beneficios y efectos:

  • Puede ser una medida efectiva contra el dolor de espalda
  • Reduce la fatiga
  • Trabajo más eficiente gracias a una combinación de movimiento y esfuerzo mental
  • Relaja y "suelta" los músculos
  • Mejora la postura
  • Mejora la forma física general sin pérdida de tiempo
  • Es divertido

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